How can I connect my PS4 to my brand new JVC TV?

Sooo here is the deal I bought a new JVC TV it clealrly on the side looks as if it can hook up an HDMI cable. I also bought a PS4 for my birthday I have tried to see if it works by plugging it in but the screen dosnt come up.

It is a new TV and yet hasn't been set does anyone know how I can connect it the HDMI cable has clealry plugged into the TV and the PS4 fine just can't get the picture up... can anyone help...


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  • Smh try plugging the cable into the HDMI port, plug the tv into the wall outlet as well as the ps4 and than push "input" on your remote until it brings up your ps4 screen.

  • Poor PS4, this girl doesn't know how to treat you well.

    • Ermmm excuse me but youd find my PS4 is happy so yeah

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    • WHAT A DUMB ASS I was talking about the TV not the Console I used to own a PS1 and 2 so I know how to work a PS4 FML!!!

    • Oh shit so there is only one explaination left...
      Your new TV is obviously racist!

  • When you plugg the ps4 to the tv , take the remote controller of the tv

    • And press source on it , and you ll see tv av hdmi choose hdmi and it will work

    • thing is I have tried that there is no source button on the remote at all it has something called S mode I have tried that

    • Can you show me the controller?

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