Who is going around YouTube disliking completely uncontroversial videos?

I just saw a video about a dog opening a box to find a puppy inside (as a gift) and it was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. I checked down below and saw 1000 dislikes, who is getting so offended by a video about dogs that they do something like this?


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  • There are plenty of reasons people dislike videos. They maybnit be good reasons, but hey, humans aren’t very rational beings.

    Examples of dislikers:

    — People who see the video and think, “wow, I bet that dog is suffering being trapped in that box. Animal abuse!” (There are always some on basically any animal video)

    — Some people who see the video but hate cute things. Maybe they’re saturated with them on facebook to the point where they’re only annoying.

    — People who clicked on the title hoping for something else.

    — People who clicked on the video just to troll.

    — People who clicked on the dislike button because they saw that others had disliked it

    — People who are trying to like it but fail

    — People who dislike every video they think has too many likes

    • Sometimes I dislike videos I really like, because it doesn't have any dislikes yet and it seems too suspicious. There must always be at least 1!

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  • I saw that video too it’s the cutest thing ever!! And those people who dislike are mainly just trolls I’d imagine!


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  • I saw many videos of that kind getting dislikes.. Maybe missed the right button?

  • Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

  • Some people suck


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