Fans of the band Anthrax, what would you do if the band was in your house like this?

Yes this question was inspired by a take I just did that has to do with the band. What would I do? i'd be jamming with them man!!


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  • I'd probably invite my bassist over and jam. I mean I can half way do most of it my self, bass, vox and guitar but I think my bassist needs to be here. My drummer lives with us so if we can 't get bassist over it'll be cool. I would send my wife away though she'd be fan girling and ruining the fun lol.


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  • Is it weird that I knew exactly what this clip was going to be before I even clicked on the question?

    • hmm, psychic XD

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    • oh I've loved how there are more episodes of X-files being made. even if its limited. I watched the original with my mom when I was really little, so its pretty cool seeing a newer version of it now

    • I am skeptical that it is going to be any good. They tried to reboot it about a year ago and it was a pretty big flop.

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  • I remember that episode. I'd kick them out and make them pay for whatever they broke, haha.

    • lol my parents love the band like I do but I'm sure they wouldn't be happy bout us breaking stuff XD

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