Did you watch the Grammy's?

I can't be the only one who noticed that the band was too loud, I could barely hear the singers and what they were saying. I caught it at U2's performance and Miley with Elton John. I was like, what?

I asked my brother if it was just my ear, or was the band playing like little kids in the backyard?, he agreed. Like, did they suck d**k for the gig or what? I want my money back for such incompetence, whatever happened to a mic check?


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  • No, i stopped watching stuff like that.
    You payed to watcht the grammy's?

    • No, it's just something I say when I'm disappointed.

    • And yeah, I don't pay attention to music anymore either. My brother is younger than I am, he's the one that wanted to watch it.

    • With "stuff like thay" i actually meant award shows. It all about "look, we're not racist because we give awards to black people. Look we're not sexist, because we give awards to women" no one knows if they're actually rewarded for their talent. Black and white, women and men, none of them actually know if all this is about talent anymore, ir if it's rather about what kanye and maryl strip think should be calles out for being offensive. People realize that, and will slowly stop watching this kinda stuff. All these award shows are struggling right now. Which might explain the lack of talent inside their own ranks. Dispite all the glamour, there might just not be enough money in all of that. I hope it all blows up and people stop caring about celebrity's opinions some day.

  • it was awesome

  • I think it's your ear

    • I'm pretty sure the band was too loud. Were you in the band?, because you're defending them hard.

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