Why did she change?

My cousin and I are similar ages, she's 19 and I'm 20. We grew up together and saw each other more as siblings. She was always such an excited, hyperactive and very talkative girl, she told me everything and I told her everything, there were no secrets. We'd do silly things together and just overall we were very energetic whilst together. The last year I have noticed a drastic change in her behaviour, she's quiet, a lot more quiet than usual, she rarely ever speaks to any of us unless she's spoken to. She's lost her energy, she isn't so hyper and childlike anymore, I know she would mature but it's different, she's also very reserved, doesn't tell anyone anything anymore, she keeps it to herself. The only thing that has happened within the last year is that she's gotten a boyfriend, but he's very sweet and loving so I don't see why that would be the reason for her sudden personality change. I feel like I lost my best friend.


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  • She has a boyfriend and he’s taking up most of her mind and thoughts. This is normal.


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