Best songs of EMINEM? Can EMINEM get big as he was once?

Ok I'm bored...
EMINEM new album is out and I am thinking about my childhood now when my siblings listen to him...
Whats best EMINEM songs to you and why?
Do you think new ones can be as good and memorable as old ones? I don't...
  • Old ones are better and he is getting back as ever
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  • Old ones are better but he is dead to me and will never come back
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  • New ones are better and he never been this big
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  • New ones are better but I think back then he was more EMINEM
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  • You need another option.
    Vote E: the quality of his music is irrelevant. He will never attain the level of stardom he once had.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying his new music isn't good. I'm not saying it's bad, either. I'm saying that he is a 45 year old musician whose time has passed. He can certainly still have a viable career. But the days of selling more music than anyone else? That's over for him.

    • Thats D to me... thanks for idea

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  • Hard to say. Probably Guilty Conscience or maybe something from the Bad Meets Evil album and no, Eminem had his time. I dont see him getting that big again. He'll remain famous and be seen as one of the better rappers but all his recent stuff has been pretty dire in my opinion

  • He fell off H A R D. He only talks about politics etc. He doesn’t change up his voice, it’s getting stale. The beats he raps on are trash. All reasons why he is falling off. His Album Revival was pretty trash partially because of this. People nowadays see rapping-singing more as a melody now which I can appriciate


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