Rap music impressions?

What do you think about rap? Do you see it as a genre of the criminals (a lot of people think so) or as a realistic life lesson genre (personally I do)?


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  • Depends on the rapper - some of them have never lived in "da hood" a day of their lives, but perpetuate those ideas to seem "cool" and "hard."


    I watched my neighbors get gunned down in a drive-by at 12yrs old - not something cool to rap about honestly.

    It irritates me that grown adults impress that kind of hood/thug/criminal ideology onto the youth - not that metal / rock doesn't do the same (drugs, sex, rebellion, rock n roll-)

    Not all of it - if artists realized how powerful music really is, and their influence, they could really perpetuate good morals and such.

    Lol no lie - I hung with the rap cliques, metalheads, some emos, goths, and suburban, nerdy good kids in school.

    So I could totally do drugs, sneak alcohol into school at lunch time, be aggressive/ crazy with the "bad" kids who listened to death metal or thug rap, but had to be kosher and goody with the nerdy kids only listening to pop or soft core music - lol their parents didn't allow "mature music" for a lot of them.

    Music can influence a bad mindset, suicidal thoughts / actions, criminal behavior, sexual behavior etc.

    Major genres are rap and rock definitely.

    Some death metal... okay most lol... even condones child sacrifice and mass murder.

    • That is today's (c) rap. I would rather mention the old school (90s and beginning of 00s). They didn't ask for being famous, they just wrote verses…
      I agree it is not for everyone, a lot of people do it just to get much more fans.

    • Oh I see, yeah old school rap had more soul for sure, actually perpetuated good values (70ish % of the time.) Of course there were the booty shakin songs, but thats unavoidable 😂

      You have to dig around for some fulfilling, real rap nowadays, mainstream rap has gotten eh.

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  • I absolutely love the genre. From the high BPM beats with the fast hats to the rapping. From Quavo to Denzel Curry. Pretty much the only genre I listen to rn. I like how melodic mumble rap is, as I see rapping/singing as just a melodic addition to a track. I also like making trap style beats myself on a simple free app lol, when I’m older and living on my own I’m looking on getting FL studio 12 etc to even further improve on making beats etc so I can maybe even sell them


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  • Dont like it much. Its just like words put together. Its kinda insult to music

    • And what are the other music genres (except of putting words together), and why is an insult?

  • Eh I don’t like it because I can’t understand a word that is said. It’s not really music that I can sing to

    • Not all rap is super fast/mumble with high bpm, I've been listening to J hus recently and you can understand exactly what he's saying same with kendrick lamar and wu tang

    • That is today's (c) rap. I would rather mention the old school (90s and beginning of 00s). They didn't ask for being famous, they just wrote verses about how had they seen the world back then.

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  • Old rap was good, and it was all about expressing the lives of people who grew up in ways normies couldn't imagine.
    New rap is an abomination that should be euthanized and is about exploiting stereotypes for money and covering up talentlessness with technology.

    • you ain't listening to the right stuff there's tons of great new rap, Kendrick Lamar, Joey badass, Skepta, J hus, tyler the creator, $uicideboy$, brockhampton and danny brown to name a few.

  • I enjoy it a lot, I think it's crazy how some people can just rule out the whole genre since there's so much variety, you can have your Nas and little pump that both do very different things.

  • Most of Modern rap is just horrible. They mostly just mumble. Thats not to say that all modern rappers are horrible some, like kendrick lamar, are actually really cool

  • Personally - realistic life interpreted through social-economic problems

  • It's such a wide genre, even if we're just looking at the last ten years, with artists from Eminem to little pump and Kendrick Lamar, there's something for everyone, especially when diving into the underground rap scene that emerged from SoundCloud.

    While there is rap that glorifies drug use there is a lot that promotes an anti drug message, compare these two lyrics, both from mumble rappers

    Future's "mask off" includes the hook
    Molly percocet/
    Molly Percocet."
    Compared to little Xans "Betrayed"
    "Xan's don't make you/
    Xan's gon' fake you/
    Xan's gon' break you/
    Xan's gon' betray you."
    As you see, those two artists clearly view their drug use differently to a wild degree, and that's just within the mumble rap subgenre.

    With so much variety and stylistic differences, there is bound to be a rapper you enjoy, even if it's just that artist.


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