Anyone hate when people get mad when someone thinks someone's an inspiration and they don't?

I saw this moron get mad in a YouTube comment section just because someone thought he was an inspiration because he didn't care about fame. His band was falling apart that's why he released Popular Rock Music. People need to get over it. I love his Band and him and screw anyone against me for looking up to him. His music was amazing and I hate people making up BullSh*t about him Sorry I went on a rant here but that comment really irritated me. Anyway what do you think don't you hate when someone tries to sh*t on you for liking a Musician or Bands Music just because they don't like them? Please explain.


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  • yeah people should just leave him alone


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  • I think that people shouldn't give a damn about what other people like when they don't like it. If you don't like something, don't comment about it. I don't personally like rap or country but I don't hate on their music or anything.


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  • They can hate all they want. Their opinion is not valid to me.


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