What do you think of "Nightcore" ?

I personally hate it. Speeding up a music 1.6 - 2 times is NOT a music genre. Just compare :

with this shit


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  • 2nd one is better not the best nightcore but it's better. Good nightcore will completely remix a song with different vocals or maybe even doing an entire cover

    • how is it better? voice under helium? faster beat? not as aggressive?

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    • "how much an artist work shouldn't influence how i appreciate a music"
      It's by having standards that we better ourselves.

    • I don't listen to music to better myself I listen to it because I like it

  • I have to say I'm a huge fan of Nightcore and Happyhardcore since I'm getting bored by searching music while working. It's so much easier to type in "Nightcore" and choose one of thousand mixes to have something new but good at the same time

  • It sounds good, but I wouldn't consider it a genre.


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