AC/DC fans, how did you feel when you found out Brian Johnson left because of his hearing?

AND how did you feel about Axl Rose taking his place for the rest of the Rock or Bust tour? I was going to try and get tickets to see them live in Atlanta, but the day they showed up here it was announced that it was cancelled. I was saddened because I've always thought he was a great singer (I love him and Bon Scott equally). When Axl Rose came along? I thought it was a joke. To me it sounded more like they recruited mickey mouse as their replacement (sorry Guns & Roses fans, I don't mean to offend!) but its kinda sad that now AC/DC is pretty much gone. One of my favorite bands.
AC/DC fans, how did you feel when you found out Brian Johnson left because of his hearing?
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  • Brian Johnson leaving shortly after Malcolm Young's untimely retirement was the nail in the coffin. Angus Young is the only guy left, and that's not really "AC/DC" anymore. Brian Johnson is such a great singer. I've been seeing him making appearances with other bands here and there, kind of hoping there was still a chance he would return to AC/DC. When Axl Rose came along, I was skeptical. I didn't hate him, I just didn't want it to be him, or anybody. I actually thought he was kind of decent, and I was happy for him because he idolized AC/DC, and now he was a part of that band. I just didn't want it to be not Brian Johnson. At the same time though, I would have been okay as long as I saw Angus Young playing.

    My heart is broken about what seems to be the end for AC/DC. I was sitting in my dad's truck on my way to a little league tee ball game when I was about 4 years old. My dad always had either the baseball game or rock and roll on the radio. This was in the morning, so we were listening to rock. AC/DC's "TNT" come's on the radio. I'm singing along, my dad's singing along, and at that moment I knew, this was some of the greatest music ever created. I would have loved to have seen AC/DC live. I would still love to see Angus Young if that's ever a possibility.

    • And Brian Johnson. I mean, the man isn't dead. Just retired.

    • yeah, Angus Young is a guitarist that is a big influence of mine. the first songs I ever learned on guitar were all AC/DC. but its true man, there pretty much isn't a such thing as AC/DC anymore. such a shame. Malcolm got dementia and recently passed away, brian got hearing troubles, cliff retired, phil rudd had his legal troubles and all that. jeez

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  • Pretty soon all of the old favorites are going to be retired or dead. Sad world. FYI I like ACDC and GNR but i see what you mean.

    • yeah like GNR isn't the worst band to me, but to me it seems like these days Axl's voice has gotten a little off

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    • Too different. I like ACDC with Bon or Johnson's voices. Axl is a great singer but his voice is much different.

    • its true. I think it would've been better if they found someone that sounded like brian, like if it was someone from a cover band. or use a bon scott hologram lol

  • Im not an AC DC fan nor will I ever be one


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