What are some amazing movies or TV shows in the categories of Sci-fi, end of the world/disaster, and documentary?


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  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Ready Player One (gets released in April)
    Fahrenheit 451 (gets released in spring on HBO)


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  • Oh geez, the list goes on.
    Sci-fi... The Martian Chronicles (that one is hard to find though). Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, 6 Million Dollar Man, Predator.
    SNOWPIERCER is a fantastic sci-fi apocalypse movie.

    I love disaster movies. The Towering Inferno, Poseidon, Final Destination, Speed, Unstoppoable.

    End of the world movies... Dr. Strangelove, Deep Impact, 9.

    Documentary, watch Farenheight 9/11, Walking with Dinosaurs, and a guy named Wernwr Herzog makes documentaries that are actually interesting.

    • I think I saw snowpeircer, that's the one in the train and they move from the back to the front if I remember correctly

    • Yup. With the hilarious police chief woman.

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