Who here’s seen The Maze Runner: Death Cure? What’d y’all think?

So I’ve seen The Maze Runner: Death Cure twice loved it. If anyone seen it give me your feedback on what you think?
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  • I enjoyed it. Admittedly it has been years since I saw the others and I remembered parts but not all the previous two.

    If there are inconsistencies then I missed them.

    I'd say it's worth the admission fee and I'd probably watch it again just for some of the scenes in DC.

    Perhaps I'm just a sucker for bromance but I really enjoyed the leads working together. There's not so much where it like "yuck", but enough to relate to it.


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  • Liked it. It was an interesting end to the trilogy. I never read the books and everything I know is from the movies, but overall I think it was one of the best "teen" movie series out there.

  • I absolutely loved the movie, perfect way to end the trilogy. It was not disappointing like other movies that don't deliver on the final chapter.

  • I loved it take out the crappy romance with Thomas and Teresa even better

    • The ending with Teresa was so over dramatic. It’s like they did the whole slow-mo so wrong and people thought it was the end once he got in the air craft because it went black. I was like “ IT’S NOT OVER!” Oops 🙊

    • Exactly and when did the romance between them even start?

  • This is the newest one right


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