Did anyone else see that awful 'Downsizing' movie?

This could've been a premise for a pretty good movie, instead it was a complete disaster. This is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. It's sad that people get paid to write this crap and apparently no one at any point told them the script was complete sh** and to re-write the whole thing.


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  • Lol I was considering seeing it... was it really that awful?

    • It was REALLY bad. I did not expect that.

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    • Jeez, how the heck did it even make it into theaters then? Did the movie just feel pointless? I’m fine if you spoil any of this garbage to me😂

    • It starts off okay, and quickly spirals in to some weird story about a vietnamese political refugee and somehow poor people are shrunk even though they can't even afford it and they're SUPER poor then.. and then some weird stuff at the end. o0

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  • No. It sort of seemed plotless to me.

  • What kind of fuck you give me XD good part in a bad movie


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