What if a poison is expired by date?

What if a poison is expired, will it become more poisonous because it's expired or it will become less poisonousWhat if a poison is expired by date??


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  • I think that even if it expires, it will be after years and maybe it will not have less poisonous effects, but more stronger ones πŸ€”


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  • If we include toxins and venoms, many are things like proteins that will certainly degrade, eventually becoming harmless. e. g. tetrodotoxin, ricin, botulinum, etc. I would expect that type of poison to have the shortest shelf-life as they are relatively fragile.
    Many other poisons are small organic molecules. These can often be degraded by oxidation in air, exposure to UV, hydrolysis etc. and would include things like nicotine and nerve agents like sarin and VX. Many nerve agents, have shelf lives of a few years.
    Several metals are known to be poisonous and are problematic because they are toxic in not only their elemental forms, but also in inorganic and organic compounds. There may be a great difference in toxicity of the different forms, but most forms remain at least somewhat toxic. These may last a very long time because reactions likely to occur under normal conditions may not render them safe, even on a geological timescale.


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