What is the worst tattoo that you could get?

In your opinion what is the worst tattoo that someone could get?
You can add pics of you want too 😊What is the worst tattoo that you could get ??What is the worst tattoo that you could get ??


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  • Something involving their significant other's name. Unless they passed away.
    And choosing a tattoo from the books in the waiting Room of a tattoo parlor. Those are meant to be reference points to show the artist capabilities not to be treated as a sticker that you just wanna put on you. Tattoos should have some form of meaning to the individual. At least that's my opinion on tattoos.

    One of my tattoos is 1 that I drew myself. It's Ezio's hidden blade gauntlet. One of my favorite games while I was going through a lot of craziness. Plus it's a fucked up way to me to visualize "silencing" people that piss me off.
    I've already drawn up the pistol version for the other arm. Is just a matter of not having time right now to get it done


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