Which of these is most embarrassing?

Which of these scenes from superhero shows do you think is the most embarrassing for the character it happened to?

Batgirl captured by supervillains and then forced to dance for them while a group of henchmen try to stab her with swords.

Wonder Woman gets chloroformed, taken prisoner by Nazis, has her belt which is the source of her power removed, and then is interrogated with her own golden lasso.

Lois Lane, as punishment for stealing Clark Kent's story, gets sent on a wild goose chase to the city dump, comes back to the Daily Planet covered in filth, and finds out that Clark has gotten the Superman story she was after.

(Scene starts at 4:43)

Green Arrow gets beaten in battle so badly that he "dies." (he ends up really being alive)
The Flash gets beaten by a supervillain and then gets paraded around town.


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