What should I do for my 16th birthday?

What should I do for my 16th birthday?So I'm turning 16 in May and where I live it's usually about 70 degrees during this time. I LOVE pink so I'm getting a pink limo and I love ice cream and I live near Portland, OR so if you know fun stuff to do there tell me!


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  • You could probably have a great party at home that doesn't break the bank, but you should have a great tiara and a pink dress.

    You know something I always prefer at a birthday is if the cake is home made and really tastes great. You could find a recipe for a pink lemonade cupcake online that would be pretty great for the season. Get some practice making and frosting cupcakes - your family and friends will not mind trying your samples.

    You could make a great pink punch with cranberry juice and gingerale.

    An appetizer or salad with pink shrimp might be good.

    When I think pink, I think flamingoes and there are tons of cute crafts and party supplies with flamingoes right now.

    EShakti. com has some great pink dresses, and if you have your Mom or someone take your measurements, you can order it custom fitted. Their prices are pretty modest for dressy dresses.

    My 16th was kind of a bummer. My mother made me feel guilty for wanting a party. I twisted her arm into taking four friends to dinner using the $5 meal coupon from the newspaper. $30 plus tips, and she didn't give me a gift. Folks, we were not THAT poor.

    I hope it's fun for you and your parents are on board with doing something nice.

    But enjoy your day, whatever it was.


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