Suffering from Breaking Bad hangover?

I know this series ended 4 years back but i finished watching it right now. I'm heartbroken and sad and feel like there is an emptiness in my life right now. I mean who would've thought that you would get attached to these fictional characters so much so that i just sat there for like 10 minutes watching the last 5 minutes 4-5 times over and over again. Anybody felt the same way? Almost about to cry.


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  • I get that too when a show I like ends. Breaking bad was a well-made piece of programming. They made a good finish of it though, the end wrapped it up nicely.

    • Ikr! it only made sense to end the series after 5 seasons because otherwise it wouldn't have been realistic considering Walt's lung cancer. It just left me emotionally charged. Here's for Walt & Jessie !

  • Yeah. I loved that show. I watched a thing on YouTube that said according to science Walt was likely to have survived in real life, so that's a good thing I guess.


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