Are my song lyrics good?

Verse 1:
I walked into that room today, everything was the same except for you.
I looked into the mirror today, saw myself not knowing what to do.
And it kills me it must be this way, it kills me that things will never be the same.


When I, look into your eyes.
I see, everything but lies.
When I, am with you
I try to get through.

Verse 2:
I walked into our place today, got some feelings, some good and some bad.
I laid at home and thought today, am I sad or am I really mad?
And it kills me it's not like before, it kills me that we cannot be something more.


I tried so hard, to be your friend
But all, that matters in the end
Is that you, abused me, misused me, you used me, you used me for your own fucking gain
And it hurts at night
I don't feel alright
And it hurts in the light
When I lose all my might


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What Girls Said 2

  • That's a whole lot of angst. Kind of an embarrassing level of angst, really.

    • That's kind of the point, actually. It's about how the person can't get enough abuse and how they keep going back for more despite knowing the pain they get

    • Yeah... I’m sorry. It just seems like a little kid crying because they dropped their lollipop.

  • Too much rhyme.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's a sad song. Blues?


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