Did you watch the movie Dunkirk?

I watched it once in a movie theater and once the weekend and got to say that watching it the second time was the better experience as I knew what to expect from the movie.
Many people complain about a lack of dialogue however I think it's more representative of reality, talking almost only when necessary.
Other people complained that it was too boring, though again it goes back to the fact that real life isn't Call of Duty nor is it the Matrix, a bullet is a bullet and in this case their guns are useless against planes and torpedoes, the only thing that can save them is themselves and others.. and of course boats. Boats are important. Because, it's the English channel. Lots of water. Lots of space to drown. It's good to find a boat. Dunkirk. Boats.
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  • I love knowing about the past whether through facts or historical fiction. The movie was more show then tell and I loved that. I'll probably buy it on disc once I can, unless it already has a disc version.


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  • Watched it, it felt very try-hard. Like every scene Chris Nolan was in the background shouting "ask me what it means!!"

  • Option G lol


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