What old school metal/rock myTake should I create next?

I suck at deciding. I have so many in mind though. sorry to those who are only into newer metal stuff, I focus on old school metal and rock since its what I grew up with and know pretty well.

I really should have thought about doing a poll for all other take decisions before *facepalm* but as you know, whatever gets the most votes will be the take I do first.

I'm sure many questions like this would come up over time lol
  • What old school metal/rock myTake should I create next?Metallica's Black Album
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  • What old school metal/rock myTake should I create next?Pantera's Far Beyond Driven Record
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  • What old school metal/rock myTake should I create next?AC/DC's For Those About To Rock Record
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  • What old school metal/rock myTake should I create next?The Offspring's Smash Record
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DECISION MADE, PEOPLE! I'm doing what @LegateLanius said. Rock on dude XD


Most Helpful Guy

  • Metallica's Black Album, Then ACDC, then Offspring, and then Pantera.

    • its actually really surprised me that no one has chosen pantera yet haha XD

    • Don't get me wrong, I love Pantera, but I like Metallica and ACDC more. I don't know much about Offspring.

    • yeah I'm the same with metallica and AC/DC. only reason its a surprise to me about people not picking pantera is because I imagine some people being sick of me doing a lot of metallica stuff lol. but yeah I will go with what you suggest

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What Guys Said 7

  • Discover some new stuff like I do ahaha. Every day I find a new interesting band to check out. Especially inside progressive metal šŸ˜

    • I've been trying lol, its just simply been difficult for me to find new stuff I'm into. There are 3 newer bands I like (lesser known) like Star & Dagger, Newsted, and Mantic Ritual. what sucks is that all those bands only created one album!

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    • sweet, i'll check it out XD

    • Let me know what you thought about it ;)

  • I don't know, I would take out the Black Album and put Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets instead.

    • I've already done ride the lightning, I think back late last year. soon I'm planning on doing master of puppets though

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    • Nice, will you do something for Load, Reload and the latest Metallica albums, or just for the first 5 albums which are the most popular?

    • yeah I got one take that talks about Load, Reload and St. Anger altogether in one thing if you wanna check it out.
      Metallica's Controversial Musical Experimentation ā†—
      I've done most of the thrash era stuff too. I am planning on doing the latest album soon. really just do all their albums eventually haha

  • The black album is the down fall of Metallica, so pantera

    • I'm not really that picky with metallica, but hey I'm still doing pantera. I'm going to be following what LegateLanius suggested, so after a few other takes i'll surely create the pantera one (love far beyond driven)

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    • oh that one's a great one too

    • I may end up doing a take on it as well later on after all this other stuff

  • I'm biased to AC/DC so...

    • i think everyone wants me to do AC/DC after i did that one take today lol XD i don't get it though, the poll has a few choices that say 33% and one that says 34%, however all those (except pantera) have had the same amount of people voting (2) weird..

  • Offspring and AC/DC are not metal.

    • i know, I said in the title metal/rock, which is what AC/DC and Offspring are

  • The Hottest Band In The World!!!
    70's KISS


What Girls Said 1

  • Iā€™d go with AC/DC ^^

    • I just created a take on Angus Young earlier today, willing to eventually do more AC/DC lol XD

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