Last one: What kind of personality do you think this original anime character would have?

So far she is my favorite (based on appearance) but I'm conflicted with her personality. So far, the community has agreed with my intuition with the other 2 characters, but I'm really lost with this one.

At first, she was supposed to be a 'cool rebel' like a school girl who drinks or smokes in front of the teachers, but not in an annoying way or petty way, just doesn't care. Yet, as I drew her she ended up looking more introverted, and innocent, and a little more conservative. Now I think of her more like a Kuudere type (cold, logical, cool and collected, blunt) and I have no idea where to go with her. I don't know what a middle ground would even look like. I considered maybe like the cool "weird" girl from the Breakfast Club, but I don't know if that'd work considering I'm going to make a goofy character already.

Although she might be too naive/innocent to be a Kuudere or rebel. Is she main character worthy? What type of personality would you choose (based on appearance)? My subconscious might already have a plan for all I know lol. Last one: What kind of personality do you think this original anime character would have??


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  • A silent, hurt badass who can handle herself if she has to. She is main character worthy. And you are extremely talented!

    • Thank You! Making her the main character would make things easier, and I really like your take, thanks. She's my favorite so far, I just didn'tknow if she could hold her weight as a Main Character.

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  • Vampire but not standard. Good at bad poetry because she doesn't put enough effort in to making her own but does enjoy others work. Dad's in the military and she's rebelling. Earnings from some shah or Arab king when she was younger and are worth a lot but not a car, maybe a nice used car. I keep on seeing time travel somehow. Either she's time travelling or fighting off time travellers. She doesn't like the colour red but it's part of the uniform.

    • Also I read as little as your words as possible before writing this. I read the breakfast club and that's about it. It's just a jumble of ideas I see from this image.

    • Haha thought so. Very specific, that'd be quite the story lol

  • Did you use copics?

    • What's that?

    • Do you mean the markers? No, I wish I was good enough to use those. This is on adobe sketch, where if I mess up, I can redo 1000 times until it looks right lol.

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