Whos your favorite artist or whats your favorite genre of music?

Whats your genre of music or artist


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  • I listen to such a broad variety and love music, don’t think I can name a favorite haha.

    Favorite genres are rock, alternative rock, 80s, r&b, rap, a little bit of alternative indie and some ballads + jazz & piano here and there.

    I’m not a fan of metal, country, or anything along those lines. I’m already naming too many things lol.

    • Hey all music is great to me
      But i gotta feel the groove or the beat to make me like it lol but i listen to everything but thats cool

    • I mean same, but there’s music that I just can’t listen to like I said, country for example, not my favorite at all. I can’t stand listening to it on a day to day basis. Same with metal. Just my preference though.

    • Yeah i understand nothing wromg with that 💯💯

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  • Favourite Artist (s): Yoshioka Yui (YUI), Kalafina, Shimamiya Eiko.
    Favourite genre (s): Instrumental/Orchestral/Vocal, World Music, Traditional, New Age, Folk.


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