What do you prefer?

Iv been a long time fan of all anime and just wondering if there's anyone here that is intobanime as well if so what anime and explain why its your favorite?


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  • Oooh Zeref from Fairy Tail? XD

    I've been a fan of anime for a long time and to be honest, it will be real hard to choose the best anime but I gotta list Maji: Labyrinth of Magic, Shingeki no Kyojin, Clannad, Angel Beats, Maid Dragon, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, Ajin though there's more...

    Why? The reasons for them are different. I love some because they teach you about life, appreciating others and so on. The feels are strong in some anime. Some taught you not to give up, some are really funny and makes me laugh, helping me to forget my depression and some anime really have awesome, unique plots

    • And you mam are RIGHT on the money i agree 100% with you ^_^

    • Thanks! How about you though? What are your favorite anime?

    • Well there's fairy tail, inyuasha,. hack sigh, yuyu hakushoo, seven deadly sins, deathnote, one piece, db, dbz, dbs, fma, vthats just a few of them.

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  • Full metal alchemist brotherhood.


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