From a psychological standpoint, why are we obsessed with horror movies?


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  • I’d like to know myself. Maybe it’s the “scare factor.” I’m not into horror movies... not because they scare me but 9 times out of 10 they have this stupid ass plot line and horrible acting and I just can’t get past it.

    • I agree totes!

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    • Lmao!! See that just sounds corny. I feel like I’d just get up after the movie disappointed that I wasted my time and/or money.

    • I think it was Devil and think God I didn't see it in theaters

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  • i dont like horror movies that much, but i think people are obsessed with it because when you are feeling lonely, watch a horror movie, and you won't be feeling lonely.

    • I'm not just talking about your basic suspense/horror such as Get Out, I'm referring to the true gory ones like Saw and IT

    • saw isn't horror as much as it is, thriller and suspense, i think people like it because of the mystery story part

    • Its true horror filled with blood and guts. I saw Jigsaw and it is as brutal as they come.

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  • It could be because of the adrenaline you can get from watching them.

    • I do admit, IT (2017) did get my heart racing. I have the bluray, and I wonder if I watch again would I have the same effect.

  • cause it has suspence


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  • For one thing, it's partially like how we like to ride rollercoasters and whatnot. It gets the adrenaline going and afterwards there's a sort of high. I think horror also helps paint a better picture of our lives. No matter how bad we think we have it, it could be worse. The people in horror films have it worse. At least we're not being stalked by a supernatural killer in our dreams, a machete-wielding zombie, or angry spirits.


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