How do I start writing a story for my video game?

Been working on a role playing game on and off again in my spare time for the past 2 years or so.

I've designed characters and thought of mechanics to implement, but there is one aspect i've been really struggling with for the longest time; the story. Without knowing where my story will take these characters or what they're trying to achieve, I find it increasingly difficult to plan out the rest of the game's structure.

Where do I start? I've tried multiple times to sit down with a pen and paper and plan out the story, but I always face the same issue; nothing comes to mind. My mind goes blank and I don't know where to begin, I sat down for about two hours once and still made no progress with the story because i'm drawing a blank.

I've probably gone about this the wrong way: I designed the characters first before making a story involving them and I have ideas for some instances in the story. (Example: there will be a stealth section at some point in the story.) But i'm struggling to come up with a cohesive overall narrative.

Can anyone please help me? How do I start or go about writing the story for my video game?


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  • Well how about you start at

    • the beginning. What kind of game is it? Which kind of story's are possibly? How big do you want to make it? (Bytheway if you already have charachters than you can use there backstory's to start.)

    • The most important part in every story are your ristriction's. There has to be a limit. For instant a starting weapon that kills all enemy's in one shot is boring. The same works for a story.

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  • Do you have any friends who can write?

    The guys who are good at game mechanics aren't usually the best story writers.

  • Create story about world


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