What's your favorite anime?

So I'm a huge fan of anime, always have been. But I could never say, 'This anime is my favorite'. I just don't have one. I have several that I love.

So 1 anime I love is 'Psycho Pass'. Here's a short **NON-SPOILER** description of why I love it.

I live in the US. And we all know it's a democracy. But in the world of Psycho Pass, they have an alternative style of running things. Everything is determined by a system called Sybil, who determines things you typically choose yourself, like choosing a job or a significant other. But the most important feature of Sybil is it's ability to determine the mental state of it's user's, at ANY given time, and determine if they're deemed to live in society or rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

I just find that interesting. It goes in depth about morality, the value of one life over the other, the system's relativity in society, and corruption and manipulation of the system.

So what's your fave? And why do you like?
Or maybe you're like me and don't have 1 particular one you can call your fave, but choose 1 that stands out to you.


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    2) Tokyo ghoul
    3) 1st season of sword art online
    4) Food wars
    5) No game no life
    6) Space dandy
    I have more but these are my top 💖💖💖

    • Lol, 1st season of SAO. I totally understand that. You have great tastes 👌

    • except for SAO

      they ruined a good show concept with pointless harem and fan service

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  • My favorite is death parade

  • Death Note is my favorite personally

    • I loved that one as well! I think the memes of it made me love it even more lol

What Guys Said 7

  • 1. Sakamichi no Apollon
    2. Death Note
    3. Samurai Champloo
    4. Chihayafuru
    5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

  • I'm a huge fan of 'Future Diary' known also by its Japanese name 'Mirai Nikki'

    It's a psychological action thriller where you have to use a diary of the future to stay alive and be the last survivor of a God's game.

    • That's the next anime on my watch list! I can't wait to get to it

  • Death Note, One Outs, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Kuroko no Basuke at present

  • 1. Spice&Wolf
    2. Hellsing Ultimate
    3. Darker than Black

    • I've heard of Spice and Wolf. What's it about?

    • Show All
    • Okay, sounds cool. The economics definitely sound interesting. Thanks

    • No problem.

  • the Dragon Ball franchise
    I liked Yu Yu Hakusho as well, Rurouni Kenshin.
    basically the action based animes.

    Never really cared about any other ones. I tried watching death note but I hated it.

    • The DB franchise is great. You seen and like Super?

    • I love Super but to be honest, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are better. Dragon Ball Super has way too many inconsistencies in plot and power scaling. That aside, it's great.

      Beerus is my favorite character of Super. I really like Hit, Caulifla, and Goku Black (Zamasu)

    • I have too agree, they have a lot of inconsistencies. I was just glad to see that they haven't forgotten about DB when Super was first announced because Kai was so disappointing.

      Champa was my fave.

  • high school dxd

  • Clannad made me soft

    • I need to watch that on a rainy day when my girlfriend dumps me and my car brakes down. Will I be able to handle?

    • If you manage not to get major plot points spoiled and watch it blind you will cry like a bitch. Nothing comes close.

    • I haven't gone to reddit's or 4chan', s (or any forums) anime section for the exact reason. I can't wait to start this one

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