Why is there so much garbage for Nintendo handheld RPGs and tv shows?

Don't get me wrong here, I loved playing RPGs on Nintendo DS/3DS. I mean why is there a lot of crappy RPGs on Nintendo handheld systems. For example, the Nintendo DS and 3DS? Also, why is Power Rangers is mostly the garbage version of Super Sentai Series? This makes me don't even want to watch Power Rangers anymore. Why do 4kids Entertainment purposely ruined anime? Their English Dub shows sucks! Like seriously, how come the recent Nintendo DS/3DS games normally costs about $30-$40, but as soon as you play some of them from the beginning or try to beat it. It sucks so badly. This makes me want to quit and sell the game right away because usually some RPGs are impossible to beat. Have the RPG game developers beta test the possibility of beating the game? Also, how does those games normally receives a rating of 7-10 out of 10 if it's garbage? Plus, the Nintendo Wii U hardly have any RPGs released on their game system. Only about at least 3 which was Hyrule Warriors, Tokyo Mirage Sessions#Fire Emblem, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. So, even if third-party support supported the Nintendo Wii U with RPGs. Most of those RPGs probably would had been garbage.


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  • I thought they were cool

    • They're. It's just that usually some games be impossible to beat or conquer at the end. Which ticks me off. I'm not saying all RPGs are like this, but it all depends.

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