Charmed has been on forever?

I can’t believe how long it’s been since on TNT lol do you still watch it?


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  • They want to do a kind of prequel/reboot that's why maybe they still broadcast it x).

    • I think they might do it but I know Shannon and Alyssa aren’t buddies buddies on set. And Alyssa has been hosting her new show Project Runway Allstars. I don't know what the rest of the cast is doing

    • Normally the new charmed will deal about when they were to high school or University when they start to discover their spells... #Reboot So normally the old casting is not a big deal, they will take new young actors.

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  • I used to watch it religiously with my best friend every morning. I haven't watched it since then.


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  • i use to watch it sometimes wen i was home bored but nowdays i dont even watch tv and it hasn't been on forever they stopped it its just repeats


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