Metalheads, 'Cliff Burton Day' in California, your thoughts?

tomorrow (February 10th) is supposed to be the birthday of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, who died back in the 80s during the tour supporting Master of Puppets. California has declared February 10th as "Cliff Burton Day". your thoughts, my fellow headbangers?

as for me, even though I live on the other side of the county i'll still spend the entire day listening to burton-era metallica and stay up all night watching live burton era metallica stuff on youtube.

and as a part of this I'm also adding the link to a take I recently made that's all about Cliff, here, in case anybody wants to read. . currently working on a take having to do with metallica's black album as well. I know cliff wasn't in that one but I've already been working on this a few days. anyway...


forgot to mention i'll also be practicing my own music for over 6 hours on the day too, like he did with his bass XD


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  • Hi Metal sis. Ok so like I approve 100 percent. I think we should replace Valentines Day with Music Appreciation Day.

    • totally! especially since valentines day has brought more bad than good for me lol, I'd prefer spending my time with my true love, named "music", on February 14th lol XD

    • I can't even find records in history of certain significance as to pertaining to the "holiday" being worldy important.

      Music is important. In fact, the music I grew up with helped end a war for fuck sake. Long live Cliff Burton Day.

    • hell yeah brother \m/ music is truly important. I mean shit, it saved my life, literally O. o

  • \m/ metal is the future. Plus i will be heavily indulged in metal that day... like everyday.

    • hell yea! XD I'm usually drowning in metal (happily) every day, but will even more tomorrow!\m/

    • Wake up to Metallica, transition into Devildriver, then Dream Theater, Tool, then Gojira. All before breakfast.

    • best way to start off the morning XD let's not forget the full metal breakfast... a bowl of nails with a glass of blood lol

  • Metallica is a normie band. Stop being a fanboy

    • says the person who probably hasn't even listened to even the thrash era of metallica. by the way, fanboy? not even. plus anyway I'm a chick.

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    • You can block me anytime you want. Idgaf. Please abstain from being a normie. The pride and dignity is worth not listening to a mediocre band.

    • like anyone's going to tell me how to listen to music. sheeiitt. say bye bye pal, blocked XD

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