When was the last time a TV show left you wanting to cry?

I just finished Son's of Anarchy and it left me nearly in tears.

I think the song above which they played over the ending helped contribute.
R. I. P Jax Teller


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  • I watch this is us so pretty often.


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  • I like anime, and I watched "Your Lie in April," and I cried twice.


    It's about a very talented young man who has given up on the piano after his mother died because he could no longer hear the notes he played. Two years later, he meets a very strange and beautiful girl who is a proficient violinist. She asks him to be her accompanist to her performance, and she pushes him to start playing piano again. He reflects on how severe his mother's abuse was, and how the whole reason he played the piano was to make her happy and to help heal her from her terminal illness even though she beat him as a child. He realizes the only reason she beat him so hard was because she was afraid of leaving her boy alone in the world, unable to fend for himself, and she needed to make sure he was good enough at the piano to provide for himself.

    The girl pushes him to find a new side of music he had never seen before, one filled with emotion and beauty, he strives to reach the hearts of those he loves. She later falls ill, and has to be hospitalized. She assures everyone that it's nothing to worry about, and it's just a temporary setback. Her condition deteriorates, and she decides to take a chance and have a risky operation to fix her condition. She passes away while he's performing in a prestigious competition. In a letter she wrote to him before she died, she confesses that she once saw him perform when she was young, and it inspired her to start playing the violin so one day she could perform a duet with him. Her last words one the letter: "I love you."


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  • Oh my goodness no I just saw White Buffalo - I saw him when came to Manchester, sorry but yeah I freaking sobbed my heart out at the ending same way as his dad.

  • That show got me too dude! Even hit me when Opie died 😢


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