Ideas for a Fantasy novel with some romance in it?

Love, Honor, Revenge, and a whole lot of destruction. I'm also going to combine it with scifi elements so if you have any ideas for that to, go for it.
Ideas for a Fantasy novel with some romance in it?


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  • There‚Äôs a boy named Jason Pleido, and one day while playing outside behind his home, he gets abducted by a spaceship. Fast forward a few years and he is waking up in a crygochamber where he discovers he has been asleep for 400 years. On top of this, he finds out that the planet he is on is run by advanced species of elf-like creatures. The cure for cancer, flying cars, cities that can be seen from miles, etc. are all realities in this world. The only thing is, election time comes up every 400 years, and the only way one can be a candidate is if they are human.


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  • Some glowing crystals that mentality connect two or more people then have will power become a deciding factor (make them in enclosed containers (or jewelry)).
    A matter creater that everyone fights over, a machine that few can control.
    Thick atmosphere to enable more flying contraptions like flying cities (can have them fall from the sky).
    I might have over done it. Just make sure you do that first one.

  • A man loses his ability to think logically and all he now can use to make decisions are his emotions. I don't know how to make that specifically sci-fi, but I would honestly love to read that myself...

  • I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing an idea in public as I would then want to write it myself.

  • What is it that you want it to be about?

    • Well, I had several ideas already.
      Story 1
      Space faring adventure where wooden ships are surrounded by a force field of magic and are powered by dragons. In that scenario, magic is produced either by some sort of alchemic reaction, utilizing the user's emotions, or their own essence is tapped. A falsely accused man is sentenced to death but can be spared by the king if he defeats a powerful sorcerer. On his journey, he meets several romantic interests.
      Story 2
      Under threat from a powerful warmongering tyrant, the last princess of an alien race flees from her home planet and ends up on Earth. She meets a young man and they quickly discover that the tyrant is the least of their problems as an ancient evil conqueror thought to be long dead comes back.
      3. A pair of private investigators are requested to help find a serial killer as the bodies are piling up and it escalates to a necromancer needed to be stopped before he takes over the universe.

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    • Maybe I shouldn't bother writing as that was rather easy to punch right through the premises.

    • Well no need to abandons it. Just adapt. Looking back, the story I have been writing for years now was originally filled with cliches.

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