Would you read a book with this back blurb?

I'm trying to come up with a good back blurb for my fantasy novel, The Path Of Adonai. I need to know if this would grab your attention.

New faith.

One path.

Demons lurking in the shadows.

Shani is an average citizen of the city of Zion. Like many, she believes the Great King, Adonai, is a myth, until she meets Gabryiel, a dedicated Follower of Adonai who turns her whole world upside down.

Together they venture out on a mission to restore the ancient ruins that have been forgotten while trying to overcome the creatures of darkness that are determined eliminate them.


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  • I think editors are usually the ones who pick those? But I think you did a great job :)

    • Thanks. I'm going through a printer so I have to do all this myself

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