Why do movie related comics keep going down the drain?

Just being curious..
  • CGI
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  • Batman has been played out
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  • Ugh.. Iron Man
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  • Race card! / SJW
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  • They really haven't. You ought to know they're only getting better since you also lived through the dark ages of the late 90s and early 2000s when a superhero movie was dead in the water as soon as it was announced because nobody took them seriously so they were campy and awful. Some movies are shit for sure, but we're still in a golden age of them right now.


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  • a lot of movies don't follow the comics. They should follow the comics because then they would be more better. Also the comics have so many awesome character cross over battles and fights. I hope the new avenger movie lives up to the big hype. I was disappointed with the apocalypse xmen movie. They made apocalypse seem so weak. They had potential to show his true power but they didn't. Wasted a good opportunity.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opionion.

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  • As a film major it's I think sfudios often focus on more visually appealing scenes/worlds, adding memorable jokes, and simple but somewhat layered plots. The effort of Marvel and DC is to make an over arching story across the movies and I feel like it makes each one less significant or just a piece of a bigger picture. It seems like there is more of the focus put into hooking an audience with somewhat entertaining films instead of making extremely quality ones.

    • As a different film major I think you are entirely wrong. DC... yeah they're doing a shit job because they want their Avengers but don't wanna make the Iron Men to lead into it so it's garbage. And I'll admit the trend of cinematic universes for EVERYTHING is dumb and marvel is to blame for. making us all suffer through everyone's attempt to get one of those. But honestly most marvel movies are solid on their own. I've taken non comic friends to see Guardians or Iron Man 3 and they might need a couple sentences of explanation but it mostly stands on it's own. And that's what you want.

    • I think you're right that most are solid but I feel like they make more just to tie them together. I personally regret watching thor 1 and 2 but I did because it is all implied that you don't get the full story unless you see all of them. You are also right about them being appealing to more audiences than just the comic fans but I sometimes find them a both of a rehash akin to the new star wars where it sometimes feel too similar. In the end I'll still watch them lmao.

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