Should I write a book about people's experiences?

I'm a Brony and honestly the show saved my life as silly as it sounds.

Should I write a book about how TV shows affect lives with real examples... Like a Chicken Soup thing?


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  • If you think the book you produce will be worth reading, absolutely.

    I think a lot of people might be curious to get an insider's perspective of who "Bronies" are. If you could humanize a group of people who tend to be dismissed or disparaged, that itself might make the book worthwhile.

    Good luck.

  • Don't write to sell it. See it as a journey for yourself and creative work. If you write with the Intention to sell, it won't turn out good. But by all means, go ahead.

    • I like that idea.
      I want going to sell it, but your outlook is clearer than any I've come across.

  • Sure.


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