Favourite movie on netflix? What’s the plot?


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  • oh... i could give you a TON. Especially shows.

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    • well let me give you a couple to start with. Here are 6 Genres (of mine) and 8 shows attached... you will not be able to take your eyes off ANY of these shows Guaranteed. Im a picky person and i loved these shows...

      FBI show with a twist: The Blacklist
      Funny investigative show: The Mentalist
      Bad ass cop: Banshee
      Sci-fi Cop: Continuum
      Fantasy (magic): Sanctuary, The Librarians
      Cocky little bastard: Lucifer
      Survival : The 100

    • Oh, thanks for MH

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  • Once Upon a Time!
    Fairy tales have become reality.
    This is a series that is most appealing for girls.
    Parts will make you cry:)

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    • @Tdieseler You are too funny Mr T, thank you for the laugh... lol

    • anytime lol

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  • Gerald's Game. This older couple goes to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. The husband is taking Viagra because he can't get it up, and he's trying to be kinky and handcuffs his wife to the bed. Gerald has a freakin heart attack and drops dead and she's stuff on the bed trying to figure how to get free. I really enjoyed it.


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