Do you have any questions about hypnosis? I'm a professional hypnotherapist?

I also do street hypnosis sometimes (it means just to give fun to people, make them discover hypnosis and have a great playful time)

So, anyway, I'm curious to read what you think hypnosis is and to see what are your questions


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  • Does hypnosis work on anyone or do they have to believe in the process for it to work?

    • It does indeed work on anyone, as long as they are willing to do it :) Therefore it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not, only the will to does

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  • You are a qualified hypnotherapist at 22? What qualifications do you have? Where did you get your diploma?

    • I have a 3 years bachelor degree in psychology and going for the next one (I don't know the name in English), and I followed a specified formation of over 210 hours in a dedicated school here in France.
      As for dor street hypnosis, I've been practicing for almost over two years now.

      And by the way, I'm 21, not 22.

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  • What kind of people do you treat in your occupation?

    • It can apply to mostly anything, except medical and psychological issues, unless I have a doctor and/or psychologist asking me to help.
      The most seen are :
      Chronic pain
      Addictions (smoking, sports, food etc)
      Emotions control
      Dealing with loss, retirement, break up...
      Phobias and fears

    • Sleeping issues are also very common

    • As for the people themselves, they can be anyone and any age

  • Is this a joke or do you say you are actually a hypnotic rapist?


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  • What measures do you usually take to bring someone into hypnosis (e. g., Induction techniques)? What measures do you usually take to prove to the person under hypnosis that they're hypnotized? And what is the difference between clinical (e. g., hypnotherapy) and stage hypnosis?

  • Where does the person's self goes when you have taken over their will? Correct my understanding if I am wrong XD

    • I understand why you think that and from where you got that image of hypnosis, but spectacles and TV emissions are all about making it a spectacle and all. Actually you keep your will and self-control the while time, hypnotists do not have such a power over the people we hypnotize. Hypnosis affects your state of consciousness : you are never in the same state of consciousness along your day and life, it changes constantly and thre exists an infinity of consciousness states, far more than the traditional limited "conscious/unconscious" dichotomy : your attention and conscience are not the same when watching TV than when going through a book than when reading these lines or eating or giving a class or sleeping... etc
      And since you travel through different states the whole time, the real job of the hypnotist is to guide you to the one needed at the moment (not the same for a spectacle than for a therapy).

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    • You're welcome Jihhan ! :) (my message was too long so I split it in two messages)

    • Oh gotcha! Haha more info is always welcome

  • Can making someone gay through hypnosis work?


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