Cable or IPTV which do you have?

As we all know cable is getting outrageously expensive.
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  • Spectrum at $76. It will go higher at October. Must find best antenna that get all channels, all channels! For real.

    • Holy crap. What kind of package?

      My internet is $101 for 60 Mbps unlimited, companies here where I am charge an arm and a leg because they can they have a monopoly

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    • Yeah... we’re considering going with a reseller that can get 120 Mbps cheaper then that about $89. I use iptv because I was paying $170 for pick 20 plus basic cable for 25 included in that plus DVr which was a TiVo

      And had 40 Mbps with that. Since doing iptv we pull about 500 ish gigs a month old plan only covers 375 gig

    • Well, do what you have to do.

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