Guitar players, how would you feel if this happened to you?

Kirk hammett losing his guitar in a crowd at some performance in chicago back in 1983. I've actually seen the whole concert and right before this happened he was doing a face melting guitar solo, but then fucked up.

how would i feel? i'd panic! that's my child in that chaos! i'd be worried i'd get my guitar back all banged up with broken strings..

****note to self-- when in a band, don't get your guitar too close to the crowd****
can't you just hear his guitar screaming for help when in the crowd?


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  • Honestly, most people on stage don't really care nor would I. Because if I was a signed artist, I would have a guitar on stage I was using that was paid for by the record label and I would have a back up guitar too, just like most signed artists do.

    • I think just as a newbie i'd be scared just because it would be my only electric guitar for the moment lol

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    • thanks haha I will keep those in mind. better off having more than one guitar when in a band. mess up one electric guitar where its unplayable and I'm screwed for sure.

    • Also, maybe one guitar on stage is tuned standard, and the other drop D. Or one is plugged into one set of amps and pedals and the other a different set up. There's multiple reasons for having multiple guitars

  • If I was Kirk hammett then I'd just go to esp and get a replacement made however if it was my bass I would kick the fucker in the face and take it back

  • I wouldn't let it get away. Security and the band would be all over them.

    • best thing to do. I wouldn't be like kirk where I just pull some and then start looking around like "help?" i'd give up my life for my guitar!

  • When you are a rich rock n roll star like kirk, you will just get another one given to you for free.


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