"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" or "The Matrix"?

I have a long-standing argument with one of my cousins. I appreciate both films, yet he does not. He argues that "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is farcical, while "The Matrix" is realistic, "because anything is possible within a computer program." I think he's full of it. Obviously, "The Matrix" relies heavily on theoretical cybernetics so far beyond the realm of reality that it's every bit as mystical as Kung Fu masters running among tree tops in full armed combat and pursuit. Choose a side, and draw your line in the sand. Is "The Matrix" realistic while "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is a complete farce? Or are they equally fantastic?
  • "The Matrix" is real. You just haven't had your red pill yet.
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  • "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is real. You just weren't around to witness the mystical wonders of true Kung Fu masters in their glory.
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  • Both are real; past, present and future of our current reality... OBVIOUSLY!
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  • Neither are real. Each is a complete fabrication by "the man" to keep us and our idiot cousins complacent as the capitalists take control of everything that's really real!
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  • Both while entertaining are quite farcical.


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  • I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Chinese films are done very differently that American films. I think, once you get used to those differences, you may have enjoyed it more. I'm not sure if that's why you didn't like but that's my 2 cents.

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    • I think that is a very true and good point, but I found that CTHD lacked a certain sense of clarity in its story. The Matrix, by comparison, has a very simple story, which allowed them to go wild with the special effects and play around with character story arcs. CTHD either relied on prior knowledge too heavily, or the special effects and fight scenes WERE the story.

    • My lack of certainty about which one sort of sealed CTHD's fate in my book.

  • To be honest, I hated Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I thought the choreography was okay, but I generally found the story itself to be pretty uninspired.

    • That's very interesting, however it completely misses the point. Are you suggesting that you enjoyed "The Matrix" by comparison?
      Inspiration is overrated, especially in film. "Inspired" is just another word for "unoriginal". The Wachowski brothers drew from at least 4 older films, 2 books and a manifesto to write their entirely derivative story. The only part of "The Matrix" that is arguably original is the filming, and only in the sense that it was new to live action filming. Anyone that has seen "The Ghost in the Shell," "Ninja Scroll," and "Akira" has seen it all before. Personally, I'd rather see original work than see new ways of filming old themes. But again, not the point. Obviously, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was based on old Chinese movies and ancient myths, so equally "inspired," to your point. But is either film any more or less realistic than the other, and therefore more relatable?

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    • For the record, you didn't even mention The Matrix in your first opinion. That's why I had to ask. Also, I completely disagree that The Matrix was of better quality in any way. Obviously I disagree that The Matrix is any more realistic. They're both entirely fantastical films. Neither grounded in reality in even the slightest sense.

    • Context clues, if I disparage one of two choices, that means I prefer the other, but I digress... They're both works of fiction, but I found the underlying premise of the Matrix to be far more likely... Any way, the story of Neo is supposed to be a variation on the Messiah story.

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