I need some guitar help?

I'm trying to learn a new song and I just can't get it right if anyone could give me a little help I'd appreciate it


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  • Ok, as someone who plays guitar, here’s my advice for rhythm trouble:
    — First, find a quarter note beat behind the song.
    — If you’re having a weird rhythm, determine its relationship to the quarter note beat.

    For instance, if your song is let you down by nf, and you want the rhythm of the piano in it, first count to 4 on loop. If you do that, the first piano hit is on the first beat, or 1/4. The second big hit is in between beat 2 and 3, or the “AND” of 2.

    Once you determine the relationship to the beat behind it, clap it/tap it out. Bob your head to the quarter note rhythm, and recreate the right accented notes with your hands. From here, transfer it to the guitar part.

    For actual part trouble (i. e. you know the rhythm but the part is just hard), that’ll take lots of either repetition or slowing the song down. Play it at a BPM that you can knock it out easily. Then, increase the BPM a bit until you find it a bit hard. Practice until this becomes easy. Then increase the BPM again, repeat the process until you’re performance tempo.

    For instance, my roommate was learning the solo to Dragonforce’s Through The Fire and Flames last year. It had one really troublesome solo section around 4:59 in the song. Because of this, he looped the background music on his phone at 70% speed and practiced it there. It took some time before he reached 100%.


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  • Slow it down and start going through repetitions of singular parts, then start adding the parts together and finally speed it up.

  • Look at tabs and how to videos. Every time you get stuck, you stay on that part and you keep going at it until you get it. It's going to be tedious, but you have to plow through it.


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