What do you do for Valentine's day?

what do you do for Valentine's day?


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  • Same thing I do any other day. It's not like Valentine's is special or even a real holiday.


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  • Sprinkle rose petals on my bed
    and on the floor / making a path to the kitchen,
    Light a lot of candles,
    Dim the lights,
    Turn on some music,
    Eat a a box chocolate,
    Fall asleep on top of my bed in the rose petals, wake up to the smell of smoke and
    the sound of my smoke alarm. ..
    Jump out of bed,
    Stubble around in the dark, Slip and fall on the rose petals that are in the floor.
    Pull myself up off the floor, Douse the smoking curtains that were too close to one of my candles with water.
    Turn on the lights,
    Turn off the music,
    Grab an ice pack for my now injured knee
    and do it all again next year.


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