What would you do if you were Bruce Almighty?

In Bruce Almighty, the title character gets all the omnipotent powers of God, and can essentially do anything he wants. So what would you do with that power?

Personally I'd probably give into my perversions, and re-enact the pleasure scene from the movie. Give spontaneous orgasms to whomever took my fancy.


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  • I would do the same as you

    • It'd be so great. Girl sat reading a book? ORGASM! Guy bored in class? He suddenly jizzes his pants! Cute waitress? Give her a tip she won't forget!

  • I'd give myself an ideal wife, a powerful computer that never needs to be upgraded, all the instrument VST's I could wish for, my ideal digital piano and call it quits.

    • All of that sounds pretty sweet. All my love, intimacy and sexual desires fulfilled, all my gaming desires, and plenty of other fun!

  • Probably make improvements to myself and fix my financial situation, fix a lot of problems for other people I know and see if I could fix things in the world that wouldn’t have a bad outcome
    The movie was pretty funny by the way

    • That sounds pretty sweet. Certainly I'd focus on fixing my own problems before solving other people's. Much like Bruce did I suppose.

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    • I think the movie's a good guide of what to do. It shows all the fun things you can do (Orgasms, cars, advancing your career), but it also shows what noy to do, liking approving every prayer.

    • Yeah that’s true

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