Black Panther movie?

So im not normally one for movies but black panther the comic was intreseting and a real defining moment for blacks in comics but given all the current reviews are good for it i might see it then i saw an Australian review that said otherwise and the tweet to go with it.

Candy Bowers

I implore media outlets to please seek out writers of colour to review The Black Panther movie. The last thing we need to white-splainin’ on this one Australia... surprise me!

So this is giving me second thoughts cause movies are expensive for me and it looks good but so did suicide squad.

So are the reviews legit or is this some kinda race thing?


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  • Everything is a race thing if someone wants it to be, I mean people called Resident Evil 5 racist because it was set in Africa and the infected were black people. The world's media is filled with morons.

  • It seems like it will be good


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