Forged in Fire thoughts?

Has anyone else heard of/ watched the show on the History Channel. If so what are your thoughts.
Personally I love itForged in Fire thoughts?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Man, I love this show, like how creative and masterful contestants are. Among judges, Jason Knight and the old Suave dude is the best. Doug Marcaida is horrible at testing sometimes though. He tends to exaggerate on his "form and style" to cut the stuff that sometimes, his making mistakes testing, making other weapons look dysfunctional

    • Ooh you mean Dave Baker. He's awesome and I prefer Jason over Jay. I like Doug but yeah sometimes he's just exaggerating for the show, gotta keep people interested.

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    • Also he is the one usually throwing in jokes or useful tidbits of information.

    • And thanks... My dad and I watch it and critiqe how someone could have done better or compare different techniques that could have been used. When given tools to use always go for the file/rasp.

Most Helpful Girl

  • My guy watches it often. I tried to enjoy it while watching along with him. Apparently, it's just not my cup of tea. The show has lots of substance though.

    • I have a friend like that. He only likes watching the end when they test the weapons the creation prides doesn't interest him. The only other party he likes is the History of the historical weapon of choice.

    • @CyberTiger: Thank you for the MHO selection. :)

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What Guys Said 3

  • I have watched it and liked it a lot, it's hard to see blacksmith making weapons nowadays

    • Yeah. It's a dying art. The show they had on after it wasn't bad either. I think it was called Milwaukee Blacksmith

    • O didn't heard about this one though i most liked the episode in which they had to make a curved blade with teeths

    • It was pretty good

  • I like that show.

  • Never heard of it


What Girls Said 2

  • Forged In Fire is fucking awesome. My boyfriend is into blacksmithing and got me into the show. He wants his own forge one day.

    • My dad and I love watching it. Ranking of favorite judges?
      1 Doug
      2 Dave
      3 Jason
      4 Jay
      5 that one new guy (former contestant)

    • It's been a while since I've actually seen it. But Doug is definitely my favorite. He's a badass xD

    • Yeah. New season starts like March 13.
      "It will kill"~ Doug (best part of the show)

  • Never heard

    • If you like knives or swords or just watching people work in a forge it's a great show. Or even just sick around for the historical bits if you are into that.

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