Is the historical duty of a clown still relevant today?

Historically, clowns existed to tell the truth in a manner that was entertaining enough to get peoples' attention while protecting the identity of the clown to prevent reprisal. While the role was not exclusively political, it served to both entertain and expose corruption in a light-hearted manner. Now, we see a corruption of the clown image, and in certain places, and legal action against clowning. Is truth through clowning still relevant, or has humor and truth become romantic notions that our present will not allow?


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  • Maybe it’s evolved and that’s how we have comedians


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  • I think thats now the role of comedians... or it was before people started trying to limit the jokes they can tell


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  • Legal actions against clowns? I haven't heard of this. Unless you mean in third world countries or something.

    Clowns aren't as popular as they used to be, but there are other things that share it's purpose. Ironic artists and graffitists use comedy and pop culture to inspire deep thought, usually political, whilst keeping a secret identity, so I don't think the absence of clowns affects society much, no offense if you're a professional clown.

    • Comedians and celebrities entertain and occasionally make political quips too.

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