Are the New Look Cleveland Cavaliers Better than Last Years Version With Kyrie?

My opinion is that they were better last year in their top 3 players but they are light years better in the 3 through 9 spots this year. Deeper bench.


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  • I think people are overreacting here. It's only been four games since they acquired all of these role players and quite frankly, it's hard to believe that a team could be better since Kyrie Irving is such a great player. In basketball, you have only 12 roster spots and only five players can be on the court at any one time. Because of that, it's far, far more important to have a few great players then several good players. Yeah, it's a four game win streak within an 82 game season (again, why are people making a big deal about this?) -- wins are wins but you shouldn't look too deeply into it.


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