When songs contain multiple movements?

Does it make it difficult for you to process and listen? I have heard some people say that a song is "weird" because it isn't just the typical structure and sound. Or it is "hard to follow" or "process" and it's like it turns them away from the music.

Is music like that for you? Do you find it difficult to enjoy when a song takes you in different directions?

I don't understand how anyone could feel this way. Music is generally pretty repetitive even in its changing structures, and with a few listens, you can follow it easily. I don't what's not to like about songs that take musical twists and turns. It's a testament to musical creativity and musicianship if the writer can create multiple movements and feelings in a song. It seems like to most people they just want to hear the most basic, danceable thing and cannot intellectually appreciate more developed musical works. :/
Take this for example, it leaves the basic, standard 3 min song formula behind and takes you on a musical journey.


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  • Yeah, to people that don't have an ear for music... They want something that pleasing to the ear. Usually a clear melodic line (or a catchy one) maybe some filling instruments not too many, percussion and vocals... Which makes up the majority of Pop music.. you don't hear a lot of people clamering too Jazz, gospel, or even classical, because it is a lot too follow with moving parts. And it takes a person interested in the theory of it too be excited about it..

    Yes, in my own production of music, I want to have a ton of layers... Fill the song as much.. I've counter melodies that play off each other. Which will drive people up the wall... And aren't as popular. And I've had songs as easy as a few instruments and percussion.. Take DJing for instance... Most people won't dance to something they aren't familiar with. Even tho it is simple, they have to like it and know the nuances of the music before they actually appreciate it. And that takes a min, unless they love the artist. Bottomline... Your right, unless you have a music theory mind and truly appreciate the music, they want it as simple as possible.

  • People need to be more open with the way they listen to music. I’m a huge fanboy of a band called That Handsome Devil and a lot of their songs don’t follow the average formula.


    This one’s called Charlie’s Inferno. The actual music sounds like sped-up elevator music, to simulate the trip down to hell.

    • Hmm, not really my cup of tea but it sounds like it could be featured in a movie or TV show during a humorous sequence of scenes or something haha.

    • They’ve got a lot of different kids of songs that could fit across a lot of genres and moods. They’re worth looking in to a bit if you want.

    • Yeah I'll check out some of their other stuff.

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