Can you suggest some good fiction novels?

I am not looking for any series. The last novel I read was "The Count of Monte Cristo" back in school. I want to get back to reading fiction again. Any nice titles would be appreciated.
It can be any book but please no romance.


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  • What kind of books?

    • Any kind. I am working on my reading skills so I am open for anything good which I can get my hands on.

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    • No problem. :)

    • Thanks for the mho. :)

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  • Stephen King - Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
    Stephen King - The Green Mile
    Stephen King - Misery
    Herman Melville - Moby-Dick (I honestly think this book is something everyone should read during their life)
    Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None (aka Ten Little Niggers)

    Someone already suggested "The collected short stories of Ernest Hemingway", but I have to say that it falls to the same category with Moby-Dick, everyone should read it.

  • Night Chills by Dean Koontz

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    The collected short stories of Ernest Hemingway

    Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski


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