Have you ever watched the sitcom Roseanne and did you like it?

I remember it from when I was a young kid and I never liked it. I actually kind of hated it.

But now with the reboot and watching a 20/20 documentary on its role in society back then I see it in a new light.

I giess it really wasn't that acceptable back then for a married woman with kids to work a low paying job.

You could be a teacher because the hours fit having kids, a lawyer or doctor because these were admirable careers. But anything else in my community other than executive wasn’t okay.

Due to the reboot ik watching the firdt season and one of the kid’s teacher shames Rosanne for not being present at home after school and being late to the meeting at 4:00pm and wants to reschedule the meeting.

Roseanne has to tell her, look Lady I took an hour of unpaid leave from work to get her we’re having this meeting. And the meeting is pointless, basically a new teacher who can’t handle her class.

I’m glad there’s a reboot because I think the show is more relevant than ever. A family in Indiana struggling to get by while raising food kids.

It’s a message I needed to hear. My struggles aren’t those struggles and I don’t think enough of us are hearing the struggle of middle America.


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  • I wasn't to fond of it and all the liberal stuff made me sick. Only thing I liked was John Goodman.

    • So funny! As a kid I thought it was really conservative and I couldn’t relate to it.

      My parents didn’t struggle to pay bills or talk like that so I found it off putting. But I also kind of liked how friends and family were always around on weeknights. That doesn’t happen in the suburbs.

    • well sadly can't relate to any of the tv shows on families. My family was poor my ciblings and I faught.

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  • Never seen it, I heard that the last season where she wins the lottery turned out to be a fantasy cause her husband croaked

  • Never watched it cause it was a crappy show in my opinion

  • Yes, great series!

    • I really never appreciated it because I was younger the actor that played their son when it premiered, but I’m rewatching it now and it’s a really good show.

      Some of it gets missed. Like a beeper. I cN only remember doctors wearing beepers or kids under parent control needing a beeper.

      But rich people are portrayed concerned about their beeper.

      LOL the beeeper is the inverse of what we do today. Some random number has contacted me requesting I call it back, this is an emergency.

      These days we don’t answer. Yet alone call back.

  • Her stand up was great that show sucked tho

    • Yeah I hated it. But I’m reatching it now and find it at least amusing. The actors in it, even in minor parts are famous now. George Clooney so many others.

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